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American Foam Machine specializes in the sale of foam machines and foam solution. Let us help you bring excitement and joy to your children parties, festivals, obstacle races and any other outdoor activity you can think of! We are committed to transforming the world of event planning thanks to a wide range of foam bubble equipment that will bring fun and enjoyment to children, young and old.

American Foam Machine’s foam machines and foam concentrates are for anyone who wishes to own recreational products: an inflatable game rental, an entertainment company, an early childhood centre, a school, a municipality, a summer camp and anyone who wishes to build everlasting memories with their kids. American Foam Machine provides the best in outdoor party equipment!

The FM-2 Foam Machine:
entertaining, performant and user-friendly

The FM-2 Foam Machine, developed and sold by American Foam Machine, has all the necessary characteristics to make it a convenient and delightful foam machine. The engine of FM-2 Foam Machine is designed to be water-resistant, producing foam at a rate of 300 cubic feet per minute.

Our FM-2 Foam Machines come with:

  • A foam blower
  • A stable and sturdy foam machine stand
  • An in line mixing device (requires at least 35 psi water pressure)
  • A ten-foot connection hose

Our foam Machine system doesn’t require a tank

All you need is 5 gallons of water

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American Foam Machine’s foam powder* is made from 100% organic ingredients


American Foam Machine is committed to offering 100% organic foam products foam that are hypoallergenic, dye free, odourless and won’t irritate your eyes and skin. All our products have been approved by Health Canada and are completely safe to use. Environmentally friendly, our foam powder concentrates are much easier to use than foam gels or foam liquids and won’t leave stubborn stains on your clothes. It’s also more affordable.

Get ready to host safe and memorable parties thanks to the FM-2 foam machine and American Foam Machine foam solutions!
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*Best alternative to foam liquid at lower price